As a woman working in tech, there’s one question I inevitably get during most panel events and media interviews: what’s it like to be a female founder, and what roadblocks have you faced along your journey? Like most of my female-identifying peers, I dread this question — mostly because it would never be asked of a male founder, and it distracts from what I really want to talk about (my business!).

But when I reflect on the answer, I feel fortunate to say that being a woman in tech has never been a hindrance for me because I’ve always been…

When you’re building a startup, every customer matters. Your first 5 customers help you confirm that you are indeed solving a problem that other people have as well. Your first 500 customers help confirm that it’s not just your friends, family, and extended network who think your product is worthwhile. And the first 5,000 customers help confirm that you’ve found that elusive product/market fit, which is integral to a company’s long-term success. But just as important as the customers who do purchase your product are the people who don’t. Their behaviour and feedback provides insight into how you can improve…

I’ve always been addicted to my smartphone, but my screen time went way up as soon as COVID-19 hit Canada in March — partly because I couldn’t stop doomscrolling Twitter, and partly because I had fewer social commitments and needed things to fill my downtime. I’m not alone in being glued to my screens — in July Statscan reported that 63% of men and 69% of women have increased their screen time due to COVID, and internet usage has skyrocketed in Canada in the past several months.

In addition to the usual routine of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and news sites…

While there have been no shortage of doom and gloom headlines in 2020, the optimist in me couldn’t help but feel hopeful reading about some of the silver linings to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the water in Venice’s canals clearing in days, to pollution levels dropping around the world, this pandemic has shown the clear negative impact that humans have on this earth and what it might look like if we learned to tread a little lighter on our planet

I care about the environment and try my best to limit my individual footprint by recycling what…

As the co-founder and CEO of an estate planning startup, people often ask if I’m a lawyer and the answer is a definitive no. I’ve spent the past 13 years working at the intersection of technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship — I spent time as a tech journalist at BetaKit, as the head of a consumer tech marketing agency, and as the communications lead at a startup. That background in operations and brand marketing combined with the thought leaders we’ve assembled in technology, design and growth are why we’re the perfect team to create the future of estate planning at Willful.

Me & my Willful co-founder (and husband) Kevin Oulds

Erin Bury

Co-founder & CEO at estate planning platform Willful. Building a consumer brand that makes it easier to plan for and deal with death in a digital age.

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